DVT protocol

DVT protocol

Posted by Aesa Jackson on Feb 2, 2012 1:48 pm

I often see post op CABG patients in our CVcu unit for Occupational therapy for early mobilization, ADL retraining, edcation for sternal precautions, energyconservation n pursed lip.breathing techniques .All of our patients have post op dvt prophylaxis order from our CVT team. My question is if my patient is now positivel for DVT, does anybody has any protocol or evidence based practices in better addressing this issue? Some of our doctors are hesitant to allow my patients to be mobilized due to risk of PE. Some kinda play it by ear... If the PT PT Inr are within normal values , then they allow patients to resume activity any thoughts ? Any one?

Re: DVT protocol

Posted by susan elliott on May 6, 2012 10:46 pm

I worked as a DVT/anticoagulation specialist nurse for 3 yrs. Many hospitals treat DVTs as out patients now and there is no need to immobilise a patient purely because of DVT. If they are on a treatment dose of Low Molecular weight heparin given Sub Cut once daily then there is no reason to measure PT. They wouls usually be started on coumadin at the same time and have their INR tested, Once the INR is within range then the heparin can be stopped.
More risk of further DVT or chest complications by immobolising the pt. If they're gonna have a PE then they're gonna have it!
Hope this helps