Recommendations For The Care Of Patients With Large Ischemic Strokes

Recommendations for the Management of Cerebral and Cerebellar Infarction with Swelling

  • Strokes with massive large cerebral territory involvement can progress to a critical illness that requires focused attention.
  • Hospitals treating these patients need a high-level of care including physicians and nurses trained in the treatment of these patients as well as an ICU that is equipped to properly monitor these patients.
  • Brain swelling leads to complications after stroke, poorer outcomes and increased mortality.

    Read the full article in Stroke
    [published online ahead of print January 30, 2014]. Stroke. doi: 10.1161/str.0000441965.15164.d6.


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Posted by Stacy AHA Science on Jan 30, 2014 3:00 PM America/Chicago