ATVB: Identification And Initial Functional Characterization Of A Human Vascular Cell–Enriched Long Noncoding RNA

Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis,
and Vascular Biology
ATVB cov June 2014

Editors' Pick for June
Identification and Initial Functional Characterization of a Human Vascular Cell–Enriched Long Noncoding RNA
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Video: Highlights of ATVB Journal 2014 with Editor-in-Chief Alan Daugherty, PhD, DSc, FAHA
Call for Papers
National Cholesterol Month
In recognition of National Cholesterol Month (September), the Editors of ATVB are soliciting the submission of original manuscripts addressing a broad spectrum of topics addressing cholesterol metabolism from laboratory, clinical or population research.
The editors encourage submission of original articles that deal with basic, clinical, and population studies of cholesterol metabolism.
Examples of interest areas include:
1.  Cellular cholesterol metabolism
2.  Transcription regulation by sterols
3.  Cellular uptake and efflux of cholesterol and other sterols
4.  Lipoprotein metabolism and physiology in model systems and humans
5.  Human genetics of cholesterol-related traits
6.  Mechanistic studies of cholesterol-lowering drugs in model systems and humans
7.  Pharmacogenetics of cholesterol-lowering drugs
Responding authors should indicate in their cover letter that the submitted manuscript is in response to this call for papers. The manuscript will undergo normal peer review. If accepted, the article will be published on-line immediately and published in print together with other studies appearing in response to this call in an issue of ATVB that will be highlighted in the "National Cholesterol Month"  (September).
The deadline for articles to be considered within this special Call for Papers is June 23, 2014.  Papers will need to have undergone peer review and be considered accepted by this time.

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