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Cerebral Microbleeds: Epidemiology and Impact
David J. Werring, FRCP, PhD, Presenter

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Cerebral microbleeds (CMBs) are small, round, low signal lesions detected using MRI sequences sensitive to paramagnetic blood-breakdown products. CMBs are increasingly detected in healthy elderly and various hospital populations, including patients with stroke and cognitive impairment. They are now generally considered to represent small areas of previous bleeding,making them a marker for bleeding prone microangiopathies including those affecting the deep perforator arteries (so called hypertensive arteriopathy), and cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Recent research has begun to clarify their clinical impact, including their diagnostic value, impact on cognition, and relationship to future intracranial bleeding risk. This lecture will summarize current progress and future directions in this field.


In this lecture, Dr. Werring will discuss

  1. The prevalence of cerebral microbleeds in different community and hospital populations.
  2. Current ideas on the pathophysiology underlying cerebral microbleeds.
  3. Detection of cerebral microbleeds.
  4. Potential clinical diagnostic and therapeutic impact of cerebral
  5. Future research directions relating to cerebral microbleeds. 

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