Things To Think About As The Conference End Nears...

As some of you may be heading out today, remember the following:
  1. Send a ‘Thank You’ email to senior scientists, potential mentors, and even general colleagues whom you have formally (or informally) met and discussed your research or have obtained valuable advice about your career.  The conversation does not have to stay at the conference.
  2. Become a member of AHA (if you’re not already)
  3. Consider volunteering.  This will not only provide you with better insight into the procedures that go into putting together the conferences, and provide you an opportunity to have a closer access to the leaders in your research area.  It’s also a way to give back to AHA!
  4. Grab your free CD of the conference abstracts (Booth #2033)
Hopefully your experience at the AHA Conference in Dallas has been one of productivity and enjoyment meeting colleagues.  For those heading to AHA in March, see you then!
Posted by Rosemay REMIGIO-BAKER on Nov 19, 2013 1:13 PM America/Chicago