Early Career Talk: Lessons Learned From My First K Grant Application’, By Gerald Bloomfield - A Good Reminder Of Other, Important Parts Of A K

     As I develop my first K01 grant, I find it useful to talk with others about their experiences and obtain any tips that may be helpful during the process.  Today’s early career seminar, ‘Lessons Learned From My First K Grant Application’, by Dr. Gerald Bloomfield was an excellent discussion on the ‘must-do’s’ and the ‘must-have’s’ of your grant.  Although our research ideas are important, it reminded me that the grant has other components that also need nurturing.  Dr. Bloomfield emphasized knowing the funding institute’s mission and how your grant must convey how your research will cater to meeting their objectives.  In addition, a clear, detailed layout of your career development must also be well developed, as well as a mentoring team that will help guide you into becoming an independent researcher.   So when you’re ready to develop your own K grant, do remember that your mentorship team, along with your career development, is just as important to develop as your research plan. 
     Poster sessions start tomorrow.  Come check out similar topics as your research, or learn about new ones.  You never know what new links and paths you will find.  Collaboration is a powerful tool and will surely help expand your network capacity.  Who knows, talking to your colleagues may spark other ideas or sharpen the ones you have to make your grant most competitive!  Take advantage of all that AHA has to offer.
Posted by Rosemay REMIGIO-BAKER on Nov 16, 2013 11:31 PM America/Chicago