Network, Network, Network! There Is No Reason Not To At The AHA!

     A recent posting, “Oral Communication in Science:  BIG Challenge For New PIs’, emphasized the importance of communication in science.  Though many of us experience fear in verbalizing our ideas, it is a necessary right of passage as we progress in our careers.   In addition to courses to help improve presentation skills and possibly built confidence speaking in front of the scientific community, networking is a means whereby we are able to practice our ‘talks’, obtain feedback on our research (and possibly our presentation), revise accordingly and ultimately discover the full potential with which our ideas can take form. 
     AHA is a tremendous resource where networking opportunities are numerous.  Not everyone you encounter may have the same level of enthusiasm as you do for your ideas, but more likely than not the experience will leave you more energized!  Beyond an arena where you are able to exchange ideas, AHA is a place to find incredible mentors in the field.  Take a chance in approaching these leaders.  After awhile you might be surprised at how fear of presenting your ideas may be displaced with courage in ‘putting yourself out there’.
     Take advantage of the networking opportunities during these next few days.  Join your colleagues during the following events:
Saturday, November 16
     Event:  Early Career Lunch
     Time:  noon – 1pm
     Location:  Dallas Convention Center, Lobby F
Saturday, November 16: 
     Event:  Early Career Reception
     Time:  5 – 6:30pm
     Location:  Dallas Convention Center, Lobby F
Throughout Conference (Saturday, November 16 – 20): 
     Early Career Engagement Lounge 
     Location:  Dallas Convention Center, Hall F Lobby
     In addition to these formal gatherings, why not participate in the 21st Annual Fun Walk/Fun Run on Tuesday, November 19, starting at 6:15am?  Not only can you potentially increase your connections, you will do so while improving your health!  Talk about multi-tasking!  Register at Hall D Lobby, Level 2
     Council receptions and dinners on Tuesday, November 19, are also a means to network, discuss research ideas and discover mentors. 
     These are just a few ways of expanding your network, and practice your ‘talks’.
     Networking can be key to landing that perfect research position, creating that impeccable grant, or advancing your career.  The more you do it, the more numerous your opportunities will be.
Posted by Rosemay REMIGIO-BAKER on Nov 15, 2013 10:24 PM America/Chicago