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Great resource for anyone who's interested
If you have diabetes your risk of cardiovascular disease rises for a number of reasons . Hypertension, abnormal blood lipids and obesity, all risk factors in their own right for cardiovascular disease, occur frequently in people with diabetes.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality for people with diabetes.however it has been seen...
Add notes on proper hand placement, differing methods such as IAC-CPR, perhaps the use of BVM 15L or other airway adjuncts in CPR and the offsetting of the pregnant female to prevent inferior vena cava syndrome plus keep the head up and I'd buy it. But some of these are old things never to make the pages of the BLS book ever again. Seems we have all we can do to rem...
It is a terrific idea. I wonder if there will be a discussion of corporate influence on the direct and development of treatment options and guidelines. The case study I did on the evolution of catheter ablation for afib revealed an extraordinary amount of corporate interests in developing therapies: http://collateral-damage.net
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